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Recognize your right to be happy.

Learn to feel deserving of success.

Gain confidence in your natural abilities.

Recognize the self-defeating games we all play.

Change bad emotional programming.

Take responsibility for your own success.

Break repetitive patterns of behaviour.

Are you ready to start living the life you were meant to live?

Are you willing to step out of fear?

Are you prepared to Wake Up?
Do you long to be free … truly free of fear, negative thinking, destructive attitudes, and repetitive patterns of behavior?  This is the chance to change your life.

Self-esteem expert Murray Fuhrer leads a one-evening plus two-day intensive workshop to help you achieve Extreme Esteem. Self-esteem is critical in coping with the basic challenges of life and maximizing your happiness.  Participate in 18 hours of insight-filled talks and informal discussions, experience powerful affirmations and special inner-life exercises designed to jumpstart your personal development.

Many of us lack confidence in our abilities and have low self-esteem, but you have a right to be happy and deserve success, friendship, respect, love and fulfillment.


Murray teaches powerful, proven, reality-based techniques for personal change with NO hype or questionable "quick fix" systems. The Self-Esteem Guy provides real and solid help for all individuals looking to make permanent and positive changes in their life.

Attending this workshop is simply the most valuable thing you can do for yourself. As you begin to understand the inner workings of our mind, you begin to understand everything (and everyone) around you. You will improve relationships and personal productivity, begin to feel more relaxed and less stressed as you find the inner energy, enthusiasm and joy deep inside you.

IMPORTANT: This workshop is profoundly beneficial for people of all types of spiritual and self-development backgrounds and experiences.

You will get out of this workshop what you are willing to put into it. Murray teaches that travelling the true path of enlightenment is a full-contact sport. "In this spirit, we will work vigorously together to apply the truths as soon as we learn them. My aim is not just to give you the tools you need to change your life – my aim is for you to leave the workshop already a happier, more peaceful human being."

Take the next step in your inner evolution! 
Register on-line or call Extreme Esteem Workshops at 403-348-1299 for more information and to sign up for a weekend you will never forget.

Watch for dates and times for upcoming workshops!


Watch for dates for the Spring 2016 Extreme Esteem Workshop. I'm trying to gauge the level of interest.
If you'd like to see an Extreme Esteem Workshop in the spring, please drop me an email today. 
(Register now and save $60.) 

WHERE:The Black Knight Inn, Red Deer, AB
WHEN:To be announced. 
FEE:$389 with a $60 Early Bird Discount for those who book before (Date to be announced) 

(Maximum 12 participants. Register (once dates have been announced)

The fee includes all course materials, morning refreshments, coffee, tea and juice. Participant are responsible for providing their own lunch. Lunch is available in the Black Knight lounge or diningroom.

Visit the Black Knight Inn Website 
Don't delay. The Spring Extreme Esteem Workshop sold out a month before the early bird deadline! 

Feel free to send me an email with any questions or comments:

Remember, if you’ve attended the Extreme Esteem Workshop before, 
you can attend again at NO CHARGE when you bring a paying participant! 

* $75 cancellation fee
NO refunds for cancellations in the 2 weeks preceding the workshop
email me
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