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“You are a positive influence for personal possibilities. I appreciate, not just what you do, but the manner in which you do it. We need more of you in the world walking the path with people."
Steve deBree - Master Facilitator - New West Institute LLC 
"Another awesome presentation. You are the Buddha!"
Greg Rudy - First Line Pharmacy  
"It is indescribable how much I learned and how positive the entire experience was ... ."
Sharon Holoboff - Teacher  
“Murray is unbelievable in his skills and ablility to help individuals and businesses to improve. I have used Murray’s services with one of my companies and was extremely impressed with the results we achieved. I have had the honour to share the stage with Murray and he is also an AWESOME presenter. I highly recommand Murray to anyone who wants to improve their life.”  
Michael Fletcher, CEO Neworld Coaching

"...you have added a new dimension to my life, which will serve me well in developing my own self-esteem and in the pursuit of helping others to achieve their utmost potential."
Glenn H. Allen - Founder of the Self-Esteem Society for Central Alberta  

"I feel like I've gone through an exorcism! What an amazing gift to give the participants who braved the journey and came out on the other side of themselves. What was empty has been filled once again with the spring of eternal hope! Sincere Thanks."
JP - Workshop Participant, Red Deer, AB
"...this was wonderful - you opened my eyes and heart to new ideas.  I think you are a wise individual who is very capable."
Leslie Allen - Workshop Participant   
"Way more than I expected!  Absolutely magnificent!  A class act!  Thank-you from my heart"

"I needed someone to believe in me so I could believe in myself.  You saved my life with your healing."

"I left feeling as though a huge weight had been lifted off my heart.  I felt so much lighter and I did not expect this feeling to last - but it did!"

"I felt so free - invincible - confident and assured - powerful and in control of my life."

"Thank-you for sharing your open and honest wisdom with us."

"Murray, in my experience, life changing experiences that alter your path in a positive way can be rare.  My exposure to you has  been consistently that. I am very grateful for your gifted teaching."

"Thanks for keeping it real!  You have a great talent for teaching and I like how you make people comfortable and how you don't mind to throw in the comedic factor."

"5 out of 5. Great job, Murr!"

"This workshop or something similiar should be a mandatory course in every high school!  Just think of the difference that would make in the world!"

"Challenging.  Took me out of my comfort zone.  I enjoyed it very much!"

"My life is changing.  It isn't because Murray waved a magic wand and made it so.  Murray did not "hypnotize me" into a new frame of mind.  ("You are now happy" KAPOW! )  My life is changing because now I know HOW to change it.  I have the tools and know how to use them.  As Murray says, "If all you have in your toolbox is a hammer, every situation you encounter will be a nail."

"Murray, I appreciate the closeness and openness of the group."

"From the bottom of what is proving to be a surprisingly battered heart, I thank you."

"May I someday come to shine with even a small glimmer of the light that shines from you."

"I wouldn't have survived if this opportunity didn't come forth."

"Thank-you for helping me find myself again."